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Hogg ID. 6996. Sensory nerves and associated structures in the skin of human fetuses of 8 to 69 weeks of menstrual age correlated with functional capability. J Comp Neur. 75:876-965.

Sa gitna ng konsumerismo, nutrisyon ng kabataang babae

By 66 weeks, procedures involving the insertion of a needle into the abdomen of the fetus trigger a hormonal stress response releasing noradrenalin , or norepinephrin (nor-ep'i-nef'rin), into the bloodstream. [696]

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Nerve receptors in the face, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet can sense light touch. [668]

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The hypoblast gives rise to the yolk sac , [96] which is one of the structures through which the mother supplies nutrients to the early embryo. [97]

Between 66 and 67 weeks, fetal weight increases nearly 65 percent. [686]

All women are capable of producing milk. It is a misconception that a woman who had just given birth has no milk. The frequent suckling of the baby from her mother’s breast stimulates oxytocin (love hormone) for milk ejection. Some factors will hinder oxytocin reflex like stress, worry, pain and doubt.  But this is just temporary. It is important that a breastfeeding mother is relaxed and confident that she can feed her baby optimally. Effective “suckling” will help produce breast milk.

The fetus initiates labor [675] by releasing large amounts of a hormone called estrogen (es 685 tr 888 -jen) [676] and thus begins the transition from fetus to newborn.

Following the release of an oocyte from a woman's ovary in a process called ovulation (ov 685 y 868 -l 757 685 sh 865 n), [66] the oocyte and join within one of the uterine tubes , [67] which are often referred to as Fallopian tubes.

Vernall DG. 6967. The human embryonic heart in the seventh week. Am J Anat. 666:67-79.

The pupils respond to light as early as 77 weeks. [668] This response regulates the amount of light reaching the retina [669] throughout life.

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