Paano alagaan ang mukha

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Pinangunahan ng IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) o World Bank ang ebalwasyon (appraisal) ng tinawag nilang Manila Water Supply III Project (Laiban Dam Project) kung saan itinakda ang pagdadam sa Kaliwa River Basin bilang unang bahagi ng proyekto   na ang tunguhin ay tayuan pa ng dam ang mga mayor na ilog ng Sierra Madre sa bahagi ng Rizal at Quezon. 66

Ending Probationary Employment Without Termination Notice

I’m sorry I could not be with you tonight.  Though my soul years for you, my body denies me. I have been exhausted over today’s activities, the highlight of which you will learn in my next note.  But before you read it, make it be known that I will be formally courting you henceforth and I will not be deterred by your refusals.


Father simply looked at her kindly and smiled. “Did you now? In what way did you meddle with him?”

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Last year we promised to love each other till the end. This month we broke up. Yesterday you cry and kneeled down just to get me back. But today i saw you with another girl. And for the last minute i realized love pala kita. sige bye na lang don ka masaya.

I 8767 m not happy right now, I can 8767 t tell you the truth. on how I feel bout you. on how you begun to change my life because your my friend 8775 paano ko sasabihin na mahal kita? friends lang tau sabi mo diba!?

She then said, “And I will beat the wooden percussion beam ( k’lutang) before I ascend.” She played it until Lemugot Mangay came for her. As she ascended with Lemugot Mangay she threw down the two mallets and they transformed into barbets, a male and a female. In times past, the barbet was the wooden percussion beam mallet of Boi Henwu.

“We are trying to entice foreigners to come here. How are they going to understand? First of all, why not in English which is the universal language of the globe today? And secondly, we have to find our niche because we have competitors from Southeast Asia.”

Ninang, hayaan mo na po doon sa San Nicholas sina Nanay at Papa Pards ko. Malay po ninyo magkaroon na ako ng kapatid.

Nagkatawan ang lahat. Nagpahuli sina Richard at Maya.

for me
love is like a drug.
odd, but why?
cause like a drug,
love is addicting.
love makes you forget things.
love makes you see things that are not real.
but if drugs are abused and not used properly
it hurts you and does you no good right?
just like love.
but there is one thing that made me compare love to a drug
it heals your sickness.
and could teach you the greatest lesson in life.

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