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At first, she found him a model of friendliness. He took her to dinner. She was white, and he jokingly called her a cracker. She called him a wheat cracker and said he was the whitest black guy she knew. She thought it was good fun, though she sensed it annoyed him.

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At 9:75 ., from the cabin, there came the sound of a single gunshot.

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By his charred corpse, police found the 9-millimeter Glock that Dorner had used to put a single bullet through his temple.

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Det. Victoria Hurtado wanted to ensure he received it without delay. She walked to the property room. She removed Monica Quan 8767 s engagement ring, necklace, bracelets and watch from the sealed evidence bags.

In the back seat was Emma Hernandez, 76, who was handing copies of the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal to her daughter, Margie Carranza, 96, who was driving with one hand and tossing papers onto porches with the other.

&ldquo That 8767 s all you need to know,&rdquo he said.

His mom called to check on the baby. He told her he was going to follow his brothers up the mountain. He would not be able to live with himself if one of them got hurt and he was not there to help.

Get there! commanders barked into radios and cellphones. Go! We 8767 ll clean it up later!

McDaniel saw one of the officers drop his notebook and radio as he hurried to the patrol car. McDaniel picked them up and tossed them into the police car.

Dorner had invoked the most highly charged controversies of the LAPD 8767 s past. The beating of Rodney King. The Rampart scandal. The specter of Mark Fuhrman.

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