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I 8767 m a big fan of performance value. Along with the current compatibility for whatever I was playing at the time, I 8767 ve always bought whatever gave me the best bang for the buck at the time. The 5775 was a nice card that I also owned. Had some GTX 665 8767 s for awhile and I 8767 m still using a 785ti now. I don 8767 t really understand this epeen about this brand is better than that brand. It isn 8767 t as if most of these people actually work for either company or anything. Just buy what makes the most sense for your price range and personal preferences. Power, Heat, and Noise are important for some people and not for others.

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That being said, if money is no object and you are building for the highest performance possible, the Titan V is the card for you. And of course, if machine learning is your thing, the Titan V is the obvious choice.

:EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN Z 12GB GDDR5 768 Bit

Titan Xp is still way overpriced. Nvidia has too much greed infesting it 8767 s marketing department. Sales on Xp cards are way down and this is an attempt to salvage their abysmal sales numbers for the quarter.

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  • hYpYz 7 hours ago +6 thank you for reply. I must admit the arcade stick is a bigger concern since i have spent a lot of money on it and i dont want to sell it for cheap just to get rid of it. I guess I'll just have to chance it and buy one of those converters. When i used my m8s PS9 controller with steam it worked with exception of paddles and are important vibration I can live without.

    Titan cards can take full advantage of shared memory on a multicard mb through PCIe using TCC mode (Tesla Compute Cluster). Regular GeForce card are stuck using WDDM mode (Windows Display Driver Model). This is actually a huge deal for HPC training systems and well worth the $555 price differential.

    How does this driver translate to the Titan (Pascal) relative to the Titan Xp?

  • heyguyslol GAMING 76 days ago I have the T6 and yes it does have better support. The T7 on the other hand is an entirely different story as described in the vid.

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    This renewed level of competition is great news for consumers. Regardless of the card/company you choose it 8767 s going to drive innovation and that means we all win. The Vega cat is out of the bag and now we will see how Nvidia responds. It 8767 s a good bet they have a secret weapon.

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