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Instead, you need to come with a humble childlike attitude cp Jesus’ words Mt To help facilitate this goal of knowing God better John As you become more comfortable with these techniques, you will increasingly experience the joy of self discovery of precious nuggets of Truth. Remember, that each time before you take a pause to Practice it! You will also be pleasantly surprised to discover that observation in many of these practice exercises flows smoothly into interpretation and application, as the Spirit pricks your heart to believe and obey the truth He has just illuminated. Click for example of observation. Observation is not just seeing but perceiving what one sees, so that one becomes mentally aware of what one observes.

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Wednesday, November 7, Piper’s Words She was the first of the neighbors that came over to introduce herself to Piper and I after we moved in three years ago and made a regular point to come over to sit and talk with Piper and on occasion, take the dog for a walk! When she came by the other day we got to talking about her family. Well that, of course, got me to thinking about Piper and I mentioned how I believe that Piper definitely played that role in our immediate family as well as with her extended one.

She was often times the initiator of laughter and the purveyor of a joyful atmosphere. She also had the amazing talent to calmly multitask through a variety of events happening all at the same time.

Posts about John Piper written by Adam Maarschalk, Dave O Minnesota, and Rod O. Advertisements. Dating the Book of Revelation “The Millennium” is in the past, having occurred from 30 AD to 70 AD. [E] The Christian Age began in 70 AD, and this present earth will never end. [F] “The Day of the Lord” was Israel’s destruction.

Of course, the Bible says it is wrong! Up until very recently I used to think the answer was YES as well. But as God began to peel back my American cultural presuppositions I realized the answer might be something other than what I was comfortable with. But this raises another question for those Christians who accept that the Bible calls it sin for a woman to sexually refuse her husband. What if a woman does refuse her husband?

Here are some answers I have given on this blog in the past. The issue being discussed is how a husband can confront a wife who chronically or willfully denies his sexual rights in marriage without just cause be it legitimate health or mental conditions. He has the right, both under Biblical law, as well as under American law, to reason with his with his wife and try to convince her to willingly even if grudgingly yield herself to him, and thereby fulfilling one her most important duties in Christian marriage.

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Join 13, other followers A Cry for Justice: The definition of abuse: This pattern can be emotional, verbal, psychological, spiritual, sexual, financial, social and physical.

A Muslim man is allowed to marry a Christian woman, but a Christian man is not permitted to marry a Muslim woman. I remember hearing an interview on the radio with a Muslim, a few years ago. As the interview began, the host asked the Muslim guest whether he was married. He replied that Islam is so.

I have read the memo. The sickening reality has set in. I no longer hold out hope there is an innocent explanation for the information the public has seen. I have long said it is worse than Watergate. It was never Trump and always Hillary. One of the gravest and most damaging abuses of state power is to misuse surveillance authorities for political purposes.

For that reason, The Intercept, from its inception, has focused extensively on these issues. We therefore regard as inherently serious strident warnings from public officials alleging that the FBI and Department of Justice have abused their spying power for political purposes. Given the significance of this issue, it is absolutely true that the memo should be declassified and released to the public President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans have the power, working together or separately, to immediately declassify all the relevant information.

Indeed, one could argue that they have the duty to do so.

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Is oral sex OK for Christians? A quick Google search on this question online is likely to yield a plethora of responses, but for popular theologian and Baptist preacher John Piper, the answer to that question should depend on a number of factors. In a recent discussion of the question on the th episode of Ask Pastor John , the first consideration that comes into play when answering this question says Piper is that oral sex should be done within the confines of marriage. And we know this because even married couples are wondering if they should go there.

So she asks Piper, “Can a single Christian woman, who is a complementarian, become a police officer? Over the course of about 10 minutes, Piper essentially answers that women probably should not be police officers—if they want to live a life of submission to Scripture.

Buy from Amazon Josh Harris is all grown up. The man who brought us I Kissed Dating Goodbye when he was just twenty-one, and who is best known for bringing courtship to a whole new generation, is now senior pastor of a large and growing church and no longer speaks at conferences. Stop Dating The Church is his first book targetted at an audience wider than merely teens and parents of teens. Harris believes that many, and perhaps even the majority of Christians, have a fear of committment to the church.

In Failing to commit to the church, we cheat ourselves, we cheat our church community and we cheat the world. Sponsor Become a Patron Over the next six chapters, Harris explains the beauty of the church, our need for the church, what committment to a church involves, what to look for in a church, and how to make Sunday the best day of the week. He draws liberally from the books and teachings of Charles Spurgeon, Don Whitney and John Piper, and builds convincing, biblical arguments.

Is Oral Sex OK for Christian Couples It Depends Says Pastor John Piper

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John Piper Verified account @JohnPiper Founder-Teacher, Desiring God. Chancellor, Bethlehem College and Seminary. Advocate for serious joy in God through Jesus Christ at any cost.

What Are the Promises of God? Imagine stumbling over a treasure chest buried in the ground. The Bible is like that treasure chest. But God wants us to open this treasure chest and see all the riches we have in his promises. He wants us to see his promises, trust his promises, and be transformed by his promises. But we can only do that if we know his promises.

So — what are the promises of God? We all long for heart-satisfaction. We all crave joy, pleasure, and beauty. And we can find some joy, pleasure, and beauty in things of the world. But none of these gives us full joy.

On Interracial Marriage: The Moral Status of Miscegenation

August 27, Scripture text for this study: Four Views A Parallel Commentary. A scroll with seven seals.

Since the Biblical answer given above has nothing to do with furthering the kingdom of heaven, I’d question her choice of word in saying that the idea that a married couple can do more is the only reason to get married. There are clearly other reasons.

John Piper is an example of a popular evangelical teacher who teaches that Luke The fact is it just as absurd to say that all instance of divorce and remarriage are condemned by God as it is to say that all instances of killing are condemned by God. The Bible clearly shows allowances for both divorce and remarriage as well as killing. If God had a problem with this action of a wife being sent off in divorce by her husband marrying another man he would have said so here or elsewhere in Moses law.

But nowhere, not here or elsewhere is this action of her remarrying condemned. Her first husband is no longer her owner. God when speaking of Israel whom he divorced for her adultery with false gods says this after his divorce from her: Remarriage for the most part applies to women because as Deuteronomy Marriage in the Hebrew was a man taking ownership of a woman as his wife. So when a man and woman are divorced they are now eligible for to marry just as any other person is may marry except for two instances.

The first is found in Deuteronomy The second type of remarriage that is forbidden is if a woman treacherously departs from her husband leaves or divorces him for reasons other than Exodus She is off limits to all other men even though she is unmarried and if another man marries this unmarried woman who wrongly left her first husband then he is guilty of another form of adultery Christ describes in the Gospels.

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Wounded from past relationships, overwhelmed at being single longer than they expected, devastated at finding themselves single again. Eighteen- to sixty-year-olds will welcome the timely, biblically based approach Dr. This attractive, repackaged edition delves into the real issues Christian singles face today and offers sound, proven advice for creating deeply satisfying godly relationships.

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I compare dating a non-Christian to mountain climbing and rappelling. Imagine that a Christian woman stands at the top of a mountain, and an unbelieving man stands at the bottom. If the unbelieving man wants to join her, he must decide on his own to make the journey up.

Paul David Tripp This book is written with the intention of helping parents shepherd and nurture their teenage children. However, it is far more than a manual on parenting. It is also a Biblical explanation of how a parent cultivates his own heart for Christ, and how he disciples and leads his own children out of the overflow of his own vibrant walk with Christ. This is an outstandingly helpful resource for all parents and all people who seek to shepherd and disciple others of all ages.

It explains the Biblical truth that “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him,” and shows how that relates to some of the most basic parts of our lives, like conversion, worship, Scripture, prayer, money, marriage, missions and ministry, and suffering. As he says, if you only are going to read one of his books, read this one.

The Top 10 Issues Facing Marriage and Family Today

I listened to sermon after sermon; purchased books for me, my darling husband, sons and sent them as gifts for friends and family. Having decided to no longer be a Jonah or Moses when they were first called by God, I was hungry for the truth as I was coming to terms with the spiritual gifts God has given me Faith, Exhortation, and Teaching. With this hunger and resolve to have a heart more like Abraham and Isaiah, I wanted to obey God immediately—with joy, and use the gifts He so graciously bestowed upon me, for the purpose in which He gave them: For the encouragement and edification of those within the Body of Christ Eph 4: But in , there was an uproar within the Christian community after John Piper extended an invitation to a young, filthy mouthed, unabashed preacher from Washington state, Mark Driscoll, to be one of the speakers at his Desiring God National Conference.

And it didn’t stop there.

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The first is to think that because the Bible does not speak about dating, we have liberty to dive headlong into romantic waters, guided only by desire to get married. We’ll call this the libertarian approach. This view allows us to imbibe secular dating-game platitudes like the currently popular sage wisdom called flirtexting. The second is to think that because the Bible does not speak about dating, it forbids dating entirely, and constrains us to pattern our practices after the cultural options available to the biblical authors.

We’ll call this the purist approach. This view allows us to imbibe not necessarily Christian ancient, secular, dating-game platitudes like asking the dad for a date and bundling wait, do people still bundle?

How Far Is Too Far Before Marriage?

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