Madalas na pananakit ng likod

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publication date:2018-03-03 23:21.

    just recently, while we 8767 re in the middle of having sex, bigla na lang po siyang lalambot, so titigil na lang po kame. twice na po nangyari to this week, ano po ba ang cause nun?

    This issue is sensitive for my wife so I am asking. My wife seems to take forever to get an orgasm, probably 65-65 minutes with direct rubbing. I had prostatectomy because of cancer so we do 8775 other things 8776 . Is there a way or drugs to help her. She does not like vaginal penetration with my finger. Says it does not feel good. Thanks

    Sa clinic ko, Cervarix is 8,555. Gardasil is 8,555.

    wow doc mraming salamt po sa reply niu po. cge po magpapafbs po ako. ssbhn konpo sainiu ung result and bbli dn po ako ng cream. mraming salamat po tlga..

    Different doctors have different ways of treating PCOS.
    I agree with your first OB na dapat paliitin muna ang mga follicles mo by using Diane and metformin before mag fertility tablets ka.
    Hindi ka magoovulate kung 65-67 follicles pa are on each ovary.
    Ang goal mo is shrink those cysts and lose weight muna, then you can try fertility tablets.
    Try Althea, its cheaper than Diane.

    You can get pregnant even with just one fallopian tube.
    I suggest magpa-alaga ka na sa Infertility Specialist.

    Actually Doc, after a 75 minutes, yung small pinpoint hive ko na sinasabi is not itchy anymore, I think it 8767 s already fading,

    hi doc! magkano po ba ang vaginal repair? keloid former po pala lahi namin kaya ang tahi ko sa perineum eh may malaking keloid..

    uteruse: 765 765 ,
    rigth ovary: 765
    left ovary
    cervix: 765

    Hi doc thank for the the answer my question last time..

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