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Aviation Control System The seven wonders of classical antiquity were architectural marvels, triumphs of human ego and raw power. The great achievements of today, however, are made possible by systems, infrastructure, and technologies that are invisible. Check back every week for a new wonder of the modern world. When the weather is clear and all systems are go, as many as 3, flights can take off and land each day at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, the busiest airport in the world. In recent years, the airport has expanded its flight capacity slightly, but not by increasing the number of runways. Watch the planes take off, and you might see a more subtle innovation. Advertisement Because air traffic controllers are now monitoring departing aircraft with GPS-based systems rather than radar, the planes follow much more precise and predictable paths—some straight ahead, others instead banking several degrees to the left or right. This more accurate tracking lets controllers release more planes for takeoff into the same airspace while maintaining the required separation distance of 3 horizontal miles and 1, vertical feet. By halving the time to clear the next flight for departure on some runways from two minutes to one, Atlanta controllers can now put as many as 12 more planes per hour into the heavens.

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On October 25, , during his working session, the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church elevated to the rank of Saint, the bishop Dionisie Erhan , an ecclesiastical personality who marked the history of Bessarabia and Moldova in the 1st half of the 20th century. On November 2, , the Post of Moldova issued its 10th prepaid envelope of the year domestic tariff – L 1. Merci beaucoup Nicolae pour l’envoi de cette jolie enveloppe conception: Thank you very much Nicolae for sending this nice envelope design:

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It is part of a global community of Lasallian educational institutions who are assisted by more than 73, lay colleagues and teach over , students in over 80 countries and vary from teaching in impoverished nations like Nigeria to post-secondary institutions like La Salle University in Philadelphia, Bethlehem University and De La Salle University-Manila. The central administration of the Brothers operates out of the Generalate in Rome and is made up of the Superior General and his councillors.

From to present day, the Brothers based in English Canada have provided assistance in creating 58 schools “Lasallian Educational Apostolates” primarily in Ontario, along with a few schools in Ottawa, Edmonton, Montreal, Saskatchewan and Cleveland, Ohio. At the request of Bishop Charbonnel , five Brothers came to Toronto in and established a grammar school at the corner of Lombard and Jarvis Streets.

In September of that year, the Brothers extended their ministry to St. Paul’s School, which is still in existence today. Among their early graduates was Denis T.

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Etienne France Updated 1. They are becoming very collectable in their own right. One such innovation was the Retro-Direct derailleur gear whereby the pedals were pedalled backwards. I believe this was introduced in the s.

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Divert C et al. Conse- quently, in addition to the influence of the mass, the mechanical modifications induced by wearing shoes have to be considered [17, 22]. However, shod running also leads to changes in the me- chanical parameters of running as reported by two authors [15, 17]. According to De Wit et al. Additionally, signif- icantly higher leg stiffness during the stance phase was found in the barefoot condition by the same authors.

Recently, Divert et al. Indeed, barefoot running showed mainly higher stride frequency, lower contact and flight time, lower passive peak 1. Because the shoes used in Divert et al. As wearing a shoe has been shown to alter running mechanics [15,17], the question arising was whether it also may affect run- ning economy. According to Bosco et al. Additionally, compared to shod running, bare- foot running represents the natural means of locomotion where runners do not need to adjust their running patterns [16].

These results reinforce the fact that barefoot running is the less fatigu- ing means of running and leads to a lower energy consumption. While the mass seems to be the main factor for the higher en- ergy consumption in shod running according to Burkett et al. However, to the best of our knowledge, the separate effects of the mass and the shoe itself in the comparison between barefoot and shod running have never been explored.

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So here’s the list. There are 61 such terms. Numismatists use these terms and have added terms of their own in describing and conversing on coins and medals. There are 37 such numismatic terms. Both categories are necessary and included in the Encyclopedia of Coin and Medal Technology.

Check out the schedule and live results: Ligue 1 on Eurosport.

A Acanthus Scroll – An engraving design patterned after any of a variety of plants of the genus Acanthus, native to the Mediterranean, with large, segmented, thistle-like leaves. Photo Accuracy – The inherent ability of a firearm to shoot consistently to the same point of impact. Sight adjustment and marksmanship are separate issues. Colt’s proprietary designation for a type of rimless cartridge design for reliable feeding from the magazine in a semi-automatic handgun.

Photo Action – The receiver of a gun containing the breech-locking and firing mechanism. The serially-numbered, legal soul of a firearm. The ADL version is generally the basic model. The BDL version generally adds a hinged floorplate, slightly better wood, checkering, contrasting forend tip and pistol grip cap. Photo AE or Automatic Ejectors – fittings inset into the breech end of barrels of a break-open gun that kick out fired shells, while only raising unfired shells enough to be removed by hand.

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That prefeminist movement crap is scary. This book is vapid, at best. It’s cute, sure, if you don’t really want to think about it too much. There was a lot lacking from this book, mainly, depth. The main character comes off as a whiny, selfish child who can’t stop crying, instead of an actual young woman growing up and trying to overcome her heartbreak in a realistic way.

The village of Saint-Clément is a small village located south east of France. The town of Saint-Clément is located in the department of Ardèche of the french region town of Saint-Clément is located in the township of Saint-Martin-de-Valamas part of the district of Tournon-sur-Rhône.

Around Grubb established a mechanical engineering workshop in Dublin and began constructing modest reflector telescopes for his own use. Through his interest in astronomy he began undertaking various commissions for the erection and construction of telescopes, including a fifteen-inch reflector for the Armagh observatory. In order to mount this large telescope Grubb designed a system of triangle levers to reduce stress on the mirror.

These commissions soon brought him to the attention of scientific figures throughout the United Kingdom, and he was hired to construct telescopes for the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, and the University of Glasgow. These were to further scientific understanding of geo-magnetism and, eventually, thirty-three observatories were set-up throughout the world on the same model as the magnetic observatory based in Trinity College, Dublin.

The British state, as a maritime nation, was strongly motivated to fund astronomy and the production of star charts. In fact, George Airy, Astronomer Royal, saw the main tasks of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, as producing accurate stellar and planetary maps and the regulation of ships chronometers, all essential for navigation. It was the success of the Rosse telescope, which had gone someway to answering the question of the resolvability of nebulae, that was to prompt calls for a similar telescope to be erected in the southern hemisphere.

This was realised in when a four-foot Grubb reflector was installed in Melbourne. Unfortunately, this telescope was to be a resounding failure, probably due to the inability of staff in Melbourne to polish the mirrors these had been made using polished metal instead of the silver-on-glass method that was becoming popular. Thomas Grubb was to die in but the company was to remain in operation under the guidance of his son, Howard, who had taken control in Howard Grubb was to remain in charge for fifty-seven years and in this time constructed most of the large telescopes erected across Britain and its empire, including five for the Royal Observatory.


Poutine et absoudre M. Encore deux poids deux mesures? La Chute va plus loin. Car il en va des inspirations comme des civilisations: Classical Beijing, much of it built in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, was deliberately planned to reflect this order. It survived almost intact until the s.

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December 22, Haiti: Cuba has medical staff on the ground coping with the cholera epidemic. The Canadian Red Cross is supplementing its efforts with a new field hospital. A genocide warning remains see extensive previous: The source of the epidemic unofficially traced to U. The reasons for Haiti’s vulnerability to an epidemic are not. After the destruction of a country’s infra-structure disease is expectable.

Consistent with the French, U. Assurances of clean water, food, adequate sanitation, and shelter, are still not met. Emergency medical relief relies on outside providers and NGO’s. Intravenous drip hydration and oral rehydration therapy are being used by the Schweitzer Hospital located near the epidemic origin and Doctors without Borders but there is no mention of home treatment and rehydration therapy in areas without easy hospital access or the people’s wish to leave home; medical centres increase dependency on colonial controls; the concept of medical “outreach” suggests that health doesn’t come from the community itself.

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Two boys, aged 14 and 15, were acquitted in May They were never identified. His body was found in a barrel in Pendeford, near Wolverhampton on 30 Sep,

She was such a dear friend to Ryan and speed Maria, you will be missed. Irene Lopez posted on 10/11/18 My sincere condolences Mark and my dear friend Catherine, Praying God will grant you peace and love during this time.

Think about not being able to feed yourself because you are too scared of the inevitable pain that eating any kind of food will put you through. Even worse, imagine that your constant reflux eventually causes you to develop cancer. That means millions of people are at risk of their acid reflux developing into a more serious and even life threatening condition. Acid reflux is more than just a little bit of indigestion. Some people are sure that acid reflux is a food related problem.

Other explanations include problems with the lower esophagus or with the composition of stomach acids. So what is the problem? Pylori—and it turns out that it creates a hostile environment inside the gut that results in an acid reflux backlash.

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Full-Field XRF imaging instruments, a potential future alternative to scanning macro-XRF, and confocal XRF, providing complementary depth profiles and developing into a 3D imaging technique itself, are described with the focus on investigations of historical paintings. Recent developments of X-ray radiography are presented and the investigation of cultural heritage objects other than paintings by MA-XRF is summarized.

In parallel to XRF, hyperspectral imaging in the visible and range has developed into a technique with comparable capabilities, providing insight in chemical compounds, where XRF imaging identifies the distribution of elements. Due to the complementary nature of these techniques the latter is summarized.

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The Scarlet Pimpernel musical Journal: When Percy discovers that his friend, the Marquis de St. Cyr has been executed and that his new wife is responsible for it , he rallies his friends to rescue the suffering innocents in France. Armand overhears the plans and gets caught up in activities of the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel. For the next few months, Percy, his friends, and Armand are constantly traveling between England and France on their missions.

When a lonely Marguerite complains of their absences to Armand, he vehemently defends Percy’s honor and good character, despite Marguerite’s protestations that Percy has grown distant and flippant to her. When Chauvelin requests Marguerite’s help in tracking down the Scarlet Pimpernel, she refuses. Armand undertakes another mission to France to return Marie to Paris so she may look for her missing fiance and do some work to assist the League.

Marguerite does not want him to go, but he promises he will be safe. Armand is arrested in France, and Chauvelin uses this to force Marguerite to identify the Pimpernel through questioning Percy’s friends at the Prince’s Ball. A meeting is arranged at the footbridge, but Marguerite goes early to warn the Pimpernel away and beg him to help her brother, who is surely being tortured by the French to reveal the identity of the Pimpernel. The Pimpernel gives orders to his men and uses his foppish disguise to escape Chauvelin’s suspicions.

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