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Hi, just an FYI: I don t know about weekends *yet* but EDSA buses are not allowed to go directly to MOA already (for 7 weeks and counting). beats me why MMDA decided this. : (

Taxation and Accounting Aid | “The important thing is not

We cant let sarah mature cunts have no more and she.

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The Professional Regulation Commission recently launched the ID renewal centers at SM Malls during the formal signing of a Memorandum of Agreement between and among PRC, SM Mart Inc. and the Bureau of Treasury on August 6, 7567, 8 ., at the SM Mall of Asia Arena Auditorium.

The new wage order pegs the highest daily compensation of non-agricultural workers in the region from to .

As a child, I would walk over beaches and through fields and forests to collect beautiful shells, shimmering stones, feathers and funnily shaped branches.

Much later, after I had moved from Holland to South Africa, I found myself doing the same thing. Only to discover, that I started filling my pockets with trash instead of treasure.

Plastic from the Ocean.

Colourful and beautiful in its own tragic way.
‘Plastic Ocean’ is an art project, which I started to create awareness around pollution to try and prevent   ( or at least reduce) plastic pollution.

In making artistic sculptures out of the objects I find, I try to evoke an emotional response  from my audience by creating a contradiction.

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