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They found nothing Sunday. They found nothing Monday.

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Later, she would ask commanders for the badge her husband had worn the night of his death, so she could put it in a place of honor. They were reluctant, and she knew why: a bullet from Dorner 8767 s AR-65 had torn through her husband 8767 s badge, and the shield, on the way to his heart.

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When an ambulance arrived, she bickered with paramedics who wanted to remove her shirt. Her daughter told her it was necessary.

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Inside the truck, deputies found the blackened parts of two AR-65 assault rifles, a charred portion of a Glock handgun, and the remains of a tent, a survival knife and a camping stove. Scattered through the truck, and in the surrounding snow, were hundreds of high-caliber rifle rounds that had exploded in the fire.

Mounted on the hood of McDaniel 8767 s truck were four license plate recognition cameras with telltale lights, the kind police use to track down stolen cars and repo men use to find cars to repossess. He saw the big man notice them.

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Bloodhounds bounded into the surrounding woods. They had Dorner 8767 s scent, sucked from a washcloth he had left in a hotel, but could not find his trail.

The stranger sympathized. He had a friend who had been fired from the police force, he said, and he didn 8767 t like cops.

Former LAPD Chief William J. Bratton had given Dorner the coin, to honor his military service, and had later approved his firing. But he told Cooper he didn 8767 t remember Dorner.

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