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Every target would get a 8775 scarecrow 8776 detail: At least two cops, uniformed and visible. There was no time to ask permission of the many local police agencies whose territories the LAPD would be entering, no time to debate or negotiate.

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Neighbors had been awakened by the gunfire, and some had crawled to their windows to peek outside. Bullets had sprayed cars and houses, roofs, garage doors, trees, windshields, bumpers, front doors.

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Critics would question this decision. Why not just wait Dorner out?

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To many familiar with the history and culture of the LAPD, some of his accusations seemed plausible, at least on their face. He claimed the agency had railroaded him for reporting a supervisor 8767 s misbehavior. Others had complained about such retaliation for years, citing a Blue Wall of Silence that forbade cops to snitch on other cops.

Mounted on the hood of McDaniel 8767 s truck were four license plate recognition cameras with telltale lights, the kind police use to track down stolen cars and repo men use to find cars to repossess. He saw the big man notice them.

How had 69 shots gone unheard? Had everybody been that fixated on the game?

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On the white board, the names of potential targets had grown to 77. Protection details were working 67- to 69-hour shifts.

Of the two, Carranza is the more traumatized. She is afraid of police, and afraid to go out at night. When she takes her children to the movies, she sits separately from them.

D et. Alex Collins was up early, with his wife and new baby, and found one story dominating the news. The reports made clear that Christopher Dorner was no longer hunting just the network of people he blamed for his firing from the LAPD. Fleeing east out of . County, he was shooting anyone with a badge.

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