Pampaputi ng kilikili: paano pumuti ang kilikili?

GT Carrot Soap | Joanne Micolle

publication date:2018-02-25 09:08.

    gt cream is effective. my frend told me to try this. her brother and sister using it. hope will wotk.

    hi i am using the gt moisturizing and bleaching at first i feel like my face is burning so it turn redish it can cure pimples too?is it effective?

    hi. my concern po sana ako..im using rdl pero disappoint ako kase di pantay ang peeling nya my white spots and black spot po mawawala at mapapantay ba to if ggmit ako ng gt product?

    we have different skin texture.. if this soap is not really for you, or may be not effective and you want your skin be whitens, why don 8767 t you ask or consult a doctor..

    Actually, GT carrot soap makes your skin dry. I also use it on my face but I don 8767 t mind coz my face is naturally oily so i get these oils in a couple of hours later after I wash my face.

    I 8767 m so sorry to hear that. I do not use Bleaching Cream because most of them have ingredients that irritates my skin. especially that ingredient that is responsible of peeling off your skin. I 8767 ve heard from some people, they said the redness is normal as well as the itchiness because your skin is peeling. But for me, if it 8767 s itchy, i feel like there 8767 s an allergic reaction on my skin so I tend not to use them.

    im using gt bleaching soap and toner..effective naman sya..
    i also bought gt bleaching cream (php ) and gt mosturizer (Php ) medyo mahapdi ung bleaching cream after 7 days pero effective sya kc ngpepeel ung skin (peeling means mapapalitan ung upper skin mu at magiging makinis atwhiter sya)..gusto ku lang malaman pano mababawasan ung hapdi ng bleaching cream..i dont want to stop it kc nakikita ku naman ung result..mahapdi lang talaga

    Been using this carrot soap for 9 years! Really really works for me! My skin is fairer than ever. Great product!

    i 8767 ve been using gt carrot soap for 9 days now one of my observation is that right after applying this product my face becomes itchy and small pimples appearing that 8767 s so itchy too..is it normal? i 8767 m using the soap whenever i feel discomfort on my face pls. i need your answer

    ang GT Carrot soap pwede bang gamitin sa whole body? or sa mukha lang?

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