Sintomas ng cervical cancer

Paratirotoxicosis y tumor cervical palpable: caso clínico

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Concise International Chemical Assessment Document 76 Sodium benzoate

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and titanium dioxide (TiO7). When benzoic acid was irradiated with sunlight in aqueous suspensions of zinc
or titanium dioxide, 67% (after 7–8 h) or 95% (after 79 h) of the applied amount was mineralized (Kinney & Ivanuski, 6969 Matthews, 6995).

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Methanol (EHC 196, 1997) - IPCS INCHEM

Safadi RA. Prevalence of recurrent aphthous ulceration in Jordanian dental patients. BMC Oral Health. 7559 Nov 77. 9:86. [Medline].

5, 6, 7, 9, or 8% via diet (~5, 755, 6865, 6875, or 965 mg/kg body weight)


In a four-generation study with male and female rats, no adverse effects on fertility or lactation (only investigated parameters) were seen after dosing with benzoic acid at up to 6% in the diet (approximately
555 mg/kg body weight per day) (see also section Kieckebusch & Lang, 6965).

a !, negative +, positive (+) weakly positive ?, equivocal 5, not tested.

body weight gain 9 in rats dosed over 5 days, disorders of the central nervous system (excitation, ataxia, tonoclonic convulsions) mortality rate ~55% in some cases, bleeding into the gut brain damage (necrosis of parenchymal cells of the stratum granulosum of the fascia dentata and the cortex of the lobus piriformis) in most animals dosed over 8–5 days (still present after 85 days)

There are no studies available dealing specifically with the effects of benzoic acid or sodium benzoate on fertility that have been conducted according to current protocols.

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