Mga bawal gawin ng buntis

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8775 Ano, nasarapan ka ba sa kinain natin, 8776 ang tanong ko kay Butangera.

Warning: Bioflu should not be used every 4 hours!!! | Zero MD

Do a pap smear to check for fungal infection.

New SSS Contributions Table, Philippines - Working Pinoy

I would like to ask who is the owner of this motorcycle (YAMAHA). Here is the Plate number 9888 RO. The purpose of this is for us to verify if it is not illegal. Kasi ang father ko po ang nag papaverify kasi itong nasabing motorcycle na ito ay ibinibenta sa aking papa kaya nais lamang po namin na malaman kung hindi ito illegal. I hope that we will have a chance to know all about this motorcycle. Thank You Very much.


drA. may tanung po ako paano niyo po nalalaman na ang isang babae ay buntis..kasi sabi nla ang mga doctor magaling unang tingin plang alam na nila kung buntis ito. thanks godbless.

the thing is, i dont want to tell to the IO that i will be going to different countries coz it might make it more complicate and they might ask more questions. what do i have to do? is it okay to just show my round ticket to kuala and back to cebu only?

Ask ko lng po ano dietary supplement pwede ko itake to increase my sperm count, normal naman po ang sperm count ko 97 million base sa result noong oct. 66 gusto ko pa kasi taasan pa. Samalat doktora!

From your history na prolonged missed periods and weight gain. I strongly suspect that you have PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome.

Hi, if a beneficiary below 68 is hospitalized, can we apply for sickness benefit? Thanks

8775 Condolence Mrs. Politician, 8776 ang bungad na salita sa kanya ni governor.
Malungkot ngunit nagawa pa ring ngumiti ni Misis sabay sabi: 8775 Same to you, sit down government. 8776

Thank you mam nors. Maam, we went to SSS Diliman. One of the government employee there said that we have to wait for the clearance and posting of all of my mom 8767 s contribution. I cannot really understand the purpose of this. Would it be ok po if you can explain this to me po? They said after 6 month we have to follow up for the status of the clearance and posting, and if it is already posted, my mother can now apply for retirement. Is it ok if we are not going to wait for the posting? Can we just apply here in the nearest SSS branch?

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