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“The other thing is that the longer it sits there it causes a contact inflammatory response, so that’s when we get colon polyp problems. And those colon polyp problems over time can turn into colon cancer. We have now the third most common cause of death is colon cancer in the United States. So the key is when people say, “Where you get your protein?” I always turn around and say, ‘What kind of protein are you eating? Pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory?’ And then, ‘Where do you get your phytonutrients, your fiber, and your antioxidants?’ That’s the answer.

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Endocrine therapy (tamoxifen, aromatase inhibitors, or ovarian suppression therapy) used as adjuvant systemic therapy for 5 to 65 years reduces the risk of recurrence and of subsequent second primary breast cancers and improves overall survival. Adherence to endocrine therapy is necessary to achieve its survival benefits. Unfortunately, some women discontinue endocrine therapy because of cost, side effects, and other reasons. Reported adherence to a 5-year course of therapy ranges from 55% to 97% of breast cancer patients.[ 98 ] Primary care clinicians should assess and encourage adherence to adjuvant endocrine therapy at each visit.[ 9 ]

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Dr. Véronique Desaulniers contends there are several major benefits to choosing natural/integrative treatments for breast cancer.

Some 5%-65% of people develop life-threatening pancreatitis and may be left with any of these chronic illnesses, or even die due to complications of pancreatitis:

About one in five women who have opted for breast cancer surgery see a return of the disease. After surgery, many women are prescribed hormone treatments tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors that cut off the supply of estrogen to cancer in the hope the tumor doesn’t return.

8775 However, our research suggests that if the patient’s cancer has started to make their own aromatase, this second drug would be useless. This is why we need a test to identify these patients. 8776

“Women who have estrogen positive breast cancer for example,” he says, “the women who have the lowest recurrence rate no matter what socioeconomic race, no matter where they live, it’s the woman that has two to three bowel movements a day.

Impairment in cognitive function as a result of cancer and its treatment can lead to distress and impaired QoL in breast cancer survivors. Up to 75% of breast cancer patients in treatment and 85% after treatment report cognitive impairment, including problems with concentration, executive function, and memory.[ 76-78 ] Cognitive impairment can also have detrimental effects on the survivor's role within the family, in the workplace, and in society.[ 79, 85 ] Clinicians should ask patients if they are having cognitive difficulties and listen to family members' reporting of patient cognitive symptoms. If this is an issue, consultation with a neuropsychologist for assessment and referral for cognitive rehabilitation strategies should be offered as one would do with the general population.

Statistics and information on cancer incidence, mortality, survival and risk factors (causes) by cancer type are presented here.

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