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Crawl out from winter and enjoy the fleeting warmth of this week in some of your favorite venues. Meet up with some friends, take your party to the Fillmore floor, and dance away to his hip-hop vibes that are both contagious and just too catchy to not get down to. This Ohio-based band Ohio is for Lovers, anyone? This close-knit rock group has perfected the hardcore formula of creating songs that will be remembered — and have some of the most devoted fans who will sing each song with love and attitude. With spring right around the corner, these shows will catapult Colorado music lovers into the mountain and summer vibes we all miss dearly. Put on your boots and dance around to the folk-inspired tunes.

Best Coast and Wavves Announce Joint Canada/U.S. Tour Dates

There is one thing I am certain of, I am so tired of the gross, cold and rainy weather we have been having in Dallas. If you feel the same way, there is a perfect solution to brighten your spirits this winter. Nathan Williams of Wavves and Bethany Cosentinoof Best Coast share many similarities aside from their common fuzzy, low-fi, beach-y sound think punk rock Beach Boys They are dating, and they have mad love for their feline friends in particular the now famous Snacks the cat , an equally great love for a particular green plant, and they each put on a wildly fun live performance.

Both loose cannons, you never know if Nathan is going to start a fight on stage, or if Bethany will just talk about her cat—which is an unspoken promise that this show has one of the highest entertainment values around.

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I thought he was the love of my life, and then it turned out that he was a real douche. He broke up with me on my actual birthday. I never told that to Wavves. I told him it was a few days before. If I had told Wavves the truth, he probably would have gone and murdered Walrus. I could hear his heart beating. It was like a drum, only softer. There was something about Wavves that nobody liked. It might have been the way he presented himself.

He always smelled like pot, and he wore dirty sneakers and tight pants with plaid shirts always unbuttoned. I wouldn’t call him muscular, but I would call him skinny and cute. He didn’t want to be the popular one who always got the most beautiful girl. He wanted to live in the moment and would tell himself that he was lucky if he even had a girlfriend.

Best Coast

Surf’s up dudes and dudettes — surf rock is here to stay, and L. I’m from Australia, and have only reviewed Australian music so far on Indie Shuffle, but was surprised to find that nobody had already posted about Wavves. King of the Beach is one of my favorites of the year, and I felt that I needed to share it with those who had not yet been exposed to its brilliance.

Nathan Williams, Wavves frontman, is a troubled young character. Wavves formed in and quickly released two albums, Self Titled and Wavvves.

Online dating. Nbsp cosentino bobb bruno best coast babe bethany cosentino bruno bethany. New wavves and anthony williams. One of bethany cosentino bobb bruno. Order best coast and best coast and guitarist and anthony williams has a summer is currently dating 16 02 tickets for their. Best coast and wavves still taking those collaborations?!.

Nathan Williams of Wavves and Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast are one of the cutest couples in rock music and based on their past. The two met at the age of 17, spent a summer together , went their. I mean, yeah, it is a little weird that MTV is still called. These themes have found their way into Best Coast’s third album,.. You’ may well be about Bethany’s ex, Nathan ‘ Wavves ‘ Williams. Films turning 20 in Members, Bethany Cosentino Bobb Bruno. The two began playing together in the experimentalist, drone group Pocahaunted.

This business is all about pushing people, seeing how much they will do. Matty J confirmed as the next Bachelor. Past concerts See all. Saturday 04 March Wavves Don’t Sit Down:

Best Coast and Wavves at the Starlight Ballroom

Life and career — My mom was also adamant about a gender-free household: Early music projects and film Love began several music projects in the s, first forming Sugar Babylon later Sugar Babydoll [b] in Portland with her friends Ursula Wehr and Robin Barbur. According to the Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum , who remained Love’s friend in the years after, the band wanted a “male energy. I got rid of all my earthly possessions.

May 13,  · Anyway, Bethany is a band called Best Coast and Nathan fronts a punk-pop-noise band called Wavves. Both hail from California and are full of a kind of youthful vigor and passion that makes me both incredibly happy and sad at the same time.

Not to mention that the studio we are in [Capitol Studios] is absolutely amazing, so we want to spend as much time in there as we can. Acclaimed producer and multi-instrumentalist Jon Brion came on board for album 2 after befriending the band and playing keys with them at an LA show. While her and Bruno very much played auteur on previous recordings, it is clear they trust Brion enough to hand over the reigns, somewhat. When we did the first record and the earlier recordings I was very shy and uncomfortable about people hearing my voice.

This record will see Cosentino move past her perpetually stoned heartache into more existential issues, brought upon by her rapid ascension in the pop culture pantheon. This was an image she admittedly created herself, but which threatened to overshadow the music on her debut record, as countless interviews lazily focused on the holy trinity of weed, cats and California.


Charmingly messy, most of his lyrics, while difficult to decipher, generally revolve around the subjects of weed, boredom, and the beach — when he isn’t poking jabs at the gloomy subculture of goth rock a common theme, found in “Goth Girls,” “California Goths,” “Summer Goths,” “Surf Goths,” and “Beach Goths”. Wavves was conceived just after Williams, at age 21, quit his job as a clerk at Music Trader, while he was dividing his free time between skateboarding, writing for his hip-hop blog, Ghost Ramp, and making music using an ’80s Tascam cassette recorder and GarageBand software.

Due to his inexperience with the program, the result of one month’s worth of bedroom recording sessions was two full albums of songs: Rather than scrapping the material, he embraced the in-the-red aesthetic and started promoting the songs online. Wavves was quickly embraced and touted as “the next big thing” by Internet music critics and fellow bloggers.

Many praised the immediacy and D.

Jul 27,  · Wavves made a commercial and critical breakthrough last year with the consonant-addled album, “Wavvves.” But only a few songs survived the sonic mangle that made the phrase “it sounds like it was recorded in a trash can” an insult to trash-can fidelity.

Print Article AA Looking for something to do this weekend? Details about each of these gigs can be found below. And for even more live music happening around the Valley this weekend, hit up Phoenix New Times’ online concert calendar. That’s cool because he’s an integral part of the band, but he doesn’t get any of the press because of music journalism’s obsession with lead singers, especially female ones.

So it’s nice to see that Bruno’s bandmate, who’s frequently the focal point of the group’s press, believes he’s so integral. Partnerships lead to great work, and if the critics are to be believed, the partnership that’s Best Coast has done just that. His angsty lyrics about love and mundane matters drew crowds that cherished singing along to every diaristic word. The results, bordering on unhinged and a bit too confessional, were powerful. And like Darnielle, Sella has become more calculated and experimental over the years.


Williams became a record label signee in early at the age of Posting songs for free on his blog Ghost Ramp earned him much internet buzz, as well as multiple slots at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas. For live shows, he frequently recruited drummer Ryan Ulsh. His album Wavvves on Fat Possum Records earned an 8.

Jan 11,  · So, Best Coast and Wavves are dating and did a Christmas song together. Good gracious, it’s just kind of adorable, kind of like, Snacks, Cosentino’s cat, who has a fucking twitter. There’s a whole star-crossed, Californian lovers angle to all this.

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Best Coast & Wavves Announce Co

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino and Wavves’ Nathan Williams Over the past year, the relationship between Nathan Williams and Bethany Cosentino, lead singers of Wavves and Best Coast , respectively, has been the go-to story in the world of indie rock romance. Maybe it’s not too much of a coincidence that the two hail from Southern California, land of Hollywood and fairy tales. And while each occupies a different section of the playful indie rock movement that dominates the sound of many up-and-comers — he proffers a distinctively punk approach while she sticks to more saccharine and sunny conventions — it’s pop music that ties their sound together.

Distinctively SoCal, the two brought their bands together for the “Summer is Forever” tour, a winter jaunt that’ll see them cross the US and Canada. Monday night’s Granada Theater show was stop No.

Official site for Wavves. Includes news, tour dates, videos, webstore, and more!

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino and Wavves’ Nathan Williams aren’t just the co-owners of indie-rock’s most allergenic mascot. They’ve also parlayed their musical evangelization of California’s endless summer into a pretty sweet cottage industry. This conversation started with the GPS that led us north out of downtown and right into — what else? Millions of seekers have discovered the state in the years since, often fetishizing it in the process. The Beach Boys immortalized its actual and mythical charms; Joan Didion found those same charms disillusioning.

I moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn six weeks ago, and until then, my vision of the place was overwhelmingly sketched from pop-culture testimony.

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino // Never Hide Noise

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